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TomTom Car Connect to spruce up handsfree calling?

Darren Murph

Sure, speakerphone setups that broadcast your incoming calls through your vehicle's sound system aren't hard to find -- if you purchase a factory installed option, that is. But TomTom is looking out for you folks who've added a nav unit after the fact, and aren't exactly fond of using the pitiful excuse for an integrated speaker to listen in. While concrete details are slim, GPSReview has it that a Car Connect device should be coming down the pipeline to complement the company's GO 510 and 910 GPS devices -- as well as the motorcycle-friendly RIDER edition -- real soon. The unit hardwires into your vehicle's audio / lighting system, and transmits the turn-by-turn guidance, nav alerts, and most importantly, handsfree calls to your car's speakers. The device will even inform your TomTom GPS when it's time to switch from day to night mode as you toggle your headlights. Although there's no word on pricing (or whether this mysterious handsfree liaison will even hit the market), those fearful of a little DIY action need not apply.

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