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Nintendo expects Mom to leave notes on your Wii

Vladimir Cole

Nintendo's vision for the Wii-enabled household of tomorrow includes Mom leaving little Tommy a note on his console when she steps out to buy groceries.


Tommy's looking for ice cream. Being a smart little blighter, he checks his console first? Not. The pudgy little bastard will run straight to the fridge (or freezer), where such things are normally kept.

Second, Mom's about to head out on an errand. There is no future scenario sans voice recognition that has dear old Mum entering her note with a Wiimote. It will always be easier for her to pick up a scrap of paper and a pencil to do this sort of task. Furthermore, Tommy's mother seems to be one of those obsessive-compulsive notaries, given that she felt the need to leave a note about the location of ice cream. Therefore, she's probably left notes for everyone else in the family. Did she leave all of those notes on the console?

In short: ain't gonna happen.

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