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Sony Ericsson to open flagship store in London

Chris Ziegler

Looks like Sony Ericsson is caving to the peer pressure to open a flagship retail location where eager shoppers can get brainwas... er, immersed by the brand. Announced in conjunction with the joint venture's 5th anniversary, the store will find its way onto London's Kensington High Street some time in November, offering 7,300 square feet of retail space devoted to Sony Ericsson goodies on the main floor and meeting areas (for those high rollers) in the lower level. Carrier signups will be offered -- though presumably not required -- in-store in conjunction with Carphone Warehouse, which will also be tasked with managing the store's day-to-day operations. No word on whether other flagship facilities will be popping up around the globe, but we'd pay good money to see a good, old-fashioned brawl between Sony Ericsson and Nokia on Finnish turf.

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