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GuildWatch: Your guild isn't invited to the beta

Mike Schramm

GW is back again for another week of guild news, including your favorite drama (a nice ninja story today), downed pics, and guild who need more people (we call those recruiting).

It all starts right after the jump. And don't forget to fuel the machine, guys-- send us your guild info (drama, downed, or recruiting) at


  • Earlier this week we learned that certain raiding guilds are getting beta invites, but what we haven't heard is which guilds are getting invites. Is there a criteria or is Blizzard picking favorites? Someone on the forums suggested asking people fighting "Huhu and up" (because everything else is supposedly a pushover). Is that the deal or is it random? Then again, maybe the reason we haven't heard is because Blizzard is giving them NDAs along with those invites... Any guilds missing from the servers lately?
  • Goodbye to Ordo Invictus on Stormreaver-A-- they're merging cordially with Calvary after both GMs met in a PUG together.
  • The last word on Hordecore, a guild on Jubi'thos that we've reported on a few times here. After having a /gquitter gut their guild bank and their website, they've disbanded. When we first heard about this, I thought it was a tale of sweet revenge, but hearing that just makes me a little sad.
  • Shadowreflex, the player who famously ninja'd an Ancient Qiraji Ripper from his guild Millenion (and then bragged about it), is transferring off of Bloodscalp to realms unknown, supposedly because no other guild would let him in after the ninja. Be on the lookout.
  • War Front (Frostmane-A) downed Gothik, and sent a screenshot
  • Scarlet Menace has downed everything up to C'thun, and sent a nifty movie
  • Argus Imperious (Whisperwind-A) finished off the Prophet
  • Celestial Nights of Eldre'Thelas-A continues to drop updates to us-- they're up to Nef, and apparently he's shakin' in his dragony boots
  • The Gray Rangers (server?) downed Vael on their fifth attempt
  • Hawks Reborn (Burning Legion-A) finished off the Twin Emps, and this cool picture of one of their pallies makes me almost not hate pallies. Almost.
  • Elune on Eitrigg-A finished C'Thun and Ouros for a server 2nd. Grats!
  • Entropy (server?) killed Raggy dead.
  • Unholy Union on Silvermoon-A dropped Artokk like a rokk. Get it? Ar.. and ...rock? Get it?
  • Order of the Tapeworm (Dunemaul-H) is recruiting.
  • Purity just started recruiting on Maelstrom-A.
  • Die Cows Die (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award) is recruiting PVPers over on Anetheron-A.
  • Order of Elders on Cenarius-A (hey I've got a 60 hunter sitting over there) is recruiting casual raiders. Maybe I'll apply.
  • The Afflicted on Norgannon-H is recruiting raiders.
  • Three Inches of Blood (very close BGN runner-up) is recruiting a few good paladins on Suramar-A.
  • Red Branch (Gorgonnash-A) is recruiting.
That's it for this week's GuildWatch. As always, if you want your guild to be here, and we're sure you do, drop us a line (it's free!) at Until next week, see you in the endgame!

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