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New game for the Wii: Heatseekers

Jason Wishnov

And lo, yet another game is bequeathed unto us mortals. Codemasters (responsible for the well-received Heroes of the Pacific) have announced that their new dogfighting sim, Heatseekers, will be coming to the Wii (and other major formats) in March of 2007.

From what we could gather, the game seems to be a robust combination of arcade After Burner-type combat and an actual jet sim, but it's difficult to siphon through the utter dreck that is the interview in question. The answers read like a 1996 press release, spouting off nonsense like "hang onto the edge of your seat", and "kick the tires and light the fires" rather than actual information. Still, the game sounds exciting, and we think the Wiimote is a great fit for a joystick-style control scheme. From the interview:

"You can pull G in over 30 flyable fighters and their amazing variants, and you'll see another ten flying alongside (and exploding into fiery frags) during the game."

Mmm, we can't wait to "pull G". Are you guys excited?

[Thanks, Erich!]

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