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Samsung's 10 megapixel NV10 reviewed

Cyrus Farivar

About three months ago we were graced with a wonderful preview of the new Samsung NV10, and today we came across a review of the digicam that we thought would be a $400 bundle of 10 megapixel joy. However, while we were initially blinded by the slick black aluminum design, the word from PhotographyBlog is that this camera is significantly more form than function. The cam gets knocked for having a pretty slow continuous mode -- clocking in at only three frames per second -- and for just three frames, to boot. It slows even further if you're using a flash: you have to wait a full four seconds until you can take another picture, so forget about taking rapid shots at the local dive bar. What about the image quality? Well, the NV10 didn't do so well in that department either. It "suffered quite badly from chromatic aberration" during test shots, and showed various instances of purple fringing, even in low-contrast situations, which was surprising. Furthermore, there were high levels of noise at ISO 200 and higher, which obviously is, um, not good. Basically, PhotographyBlog liked using the camera, it just didn't like the images that the NV10 took. Ouch.

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