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Cingular to sell 3G phones in 2G areas again?

Chris Ziegler

We noticed a little gem in Cingular's press release triumphantly announcing completion of their GSM network integration: "Unlike some competitive services, all 3G services and features, such as Cingular Video, are also available on the company's EDGE network." Really now, is that so? This after customer complaints prompted the company to pull its 3G handsets off the market in EDGE regions just a few short months ago? The verbage of the press release certainly seems to line up nicely with intelligence we're getting, which suggests that the carrier's had a change of heart and intends to once again stock store shelves nationwide with its high-speed devices, possibly on or around November 1. Among those devices should be the lustworthy Hermes-based 8525 -- that is, if the stars are aligned correctly and Cingular's execs wake up on the right sides of their beds that morning.

[Thanks, Jason H.]

Update: Some readers are reporting that 3G handsets have already come to their HSDPA-unfriendly areas; from what we gather, rumors indicate that those sales will go nationwide on November 1 (give or take).

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