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T-Mobile Dash pricing leaked, myFaves confirmed

Michael Caputo

We all know when T-Mobile is planning to release the Dash, now the only question is at what cost. Consider that base covered as well to our old pal Roc A Fella. The retail units started appearing at corporate stores last week (no chances of you getting one early so don't bother) and the pricing is pretty attractive for such a feature rich phone. More than likely it's becuase Tmo wants you to use it on myFaves.
  • Full Retail $349.99
  • One Year $299.99
  • Two Year $249.99
Customers who are willing to sign both a one and (gulp!) two year commitment are eligable to get an additional $50.00 mail in rebate off this beauty. For some the 16th of October won't come soon enough.

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