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Sony rolls out HD for the OR


Lest we forget, Sony does more than just Blu-ray and SXRD. At the American College of Surgeons Clinical Congress in Chicago it's showing off a collection of HD monitors and video equipment to make sure that when students go over your "minor surgery" gone horribly wrong, it is all recorded in crisp 1080i. Sony plans to show off the LMD-2140MD monitor shown here and its first XDCAM HD medical-grade 1080i video recorder, the PDW-70MD, with the IPELA videoconferencing platform to demonstrate high definition video streaming over IP. Some may question the need for high-def in medicine but we see this as an extremely necessary tool for training. Next time you make a trip out of the country for cheap surgery, make sure your fly by night quack surgeon earned his internet degree training in HD.

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