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Chicago Sinfonietta arranges concerto for ringtones

Darren Murph

It seems that ringtones of every frequency have skyrocketed up the list of popular pet peeves (at least in boardrooms and lecture halls), but the Chicago Sinfonietta went against the grain by kicking off its 20th anniversary season with a piece that would drive interviewers, ministers, professors, and less-than-understanding managers insane. David Baker, a music professor at Indiana University, crafted the "participatory Concertino for Cell Phones and Orchestra" after symphony director Paul Freeman conjured the idea of having attendees blast those monophonic jams on cue in order to create an abstract form of musical art. Utilizing colored signals resembling a stoplight, guests were armed and ready to emit whatever ringtone they pleased, and the cacophonic barrage of high-pitched beeps reportedly formed a euphonic medley that only an artist could appreciate. While we aren't sure if this newfangled form of music will ever hit the iTunes Music Store, catching it on Verizon's V CAST service might not be too far fetched.

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