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PS3 Oblivion's exclusive quest explained


News that Oblivion was going to be PlayStation 3's "surprise" launch title was disappointing in the sense that we'd been anticipating the port since April, but the official confirmation did instantly boost the prospects of the PS3 launch lineup for those of us who haven't had a chance to tromp around Cyrodiil. But what about Oblivion vets? Is there a reason for us to invest in another version of Bethesda's masterpiece?

As previously revealed, the PS3 edition will include an additional faction, the Knights of the Nine. A new -- and allegedly, exclusive -- questline with focus on restoring the Knights' order, adding a reported 10–20 hours of gameplay. The incentive: you'll gain access to "super-powerful" relics. The catch: if you raise your infamy level you'll be suspended from the faction and those relics will be removed from your possession.

Will this new content motivate you to play well behaved? Will it motivate you to revisit Cyrodiil if you already came, saw, and conquered?

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