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Burning Crusade talent updates


Just three small updates, but I think they're worth a mention. And Eyonix says to check back "soon" for more updates, so we may see more interesting changes before the day is out... However, for the time being, we have a new rank of Aimed Shot for the hunters, and increased crit benefit from the Druid's Leader of the Pack and Moonkin form. (Interestingly, the talents still talk about a crit percentage, when widely leaked information suggests that such bonuses have been changed to a scaling crit rating -- perhaps this implies that talents provide a flat crit bonus for players of all levels?)

  • (Hunter) Aimed Shot - Rank 7 not listed, 370 mana, 870 damage.
  • (Druid) Leader of the Pack - Increases crit % by 5, increased from 3.
  • (Druid) Moonkin Form - Increases spell crit % by 5, increased from 3.

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