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Oh no, Japan's Robot Museum opens tomorrow!


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Sure to be ground-zero of the eventual uprising, Nagoya's Robot Museum is set to swing their doors wide during tomorrow's grand opening event. For just a ¥1,300 (about $11) entry fee, you can walk the entire 2,600 meters of floor space spanning two levels. Armed only with an iPod audio guide, you can go face-to-face with heavy-duty industrial robots, old school icons like Robby the Robot, an army of modern Robosapiens and Mindstorms, some "future eve" creepiness we'd rather not get into, and of course ASIMO, AIBO, and even little Miuro. Oh, gasp... there's even a couple uh, hundred we've never seen before. If you go be sure to check the robot mirai department where you can take home nuvo -- the world's first commercial bipedal home robot and even a Segway "vehicle of the future." Hey, no one said that human transporters were their specialty. Now excuse us, we're off to collect our rations of canned meat and welders goggles.

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