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Wii pre-orders at Gamestop Friday?

Kyle Orland

Wii news site The Wiire is reporting that an unnamed contact at Gamestop/EBGames says the retailer will start taking pre-orders for the Wii in North America on Friday, Oct. 13 (spooky!) for a $25 to $50 down payment.

A representative at Gamestop's corporate office refused to comment on pre-order plans, but a local Gamestop employee told Joystiq he was "being told to tell you to call back every morning" and that pre-orders would be available "some time this week." This echoes previous rumblings from around the internet that Gamestop would begin taking pre-orders this week.

The official word on Gamestop's PS3 pre-orders came less than 24 hours before the doors opened on Tuesday morning, so be sure to keep checking Joystiq for confirmation as soon as we get it.

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