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Xfire is "complementary" to Sony's PNP service

Sony shot down last month's scuttlebutt that they'd be using Xfire as the middleware for their still secret -- and still horribly named -- PlayStation Network Platform. Instead, we've learned that Sony won't be using Xfire as the foundation for the PNP, but rather it will be used on "multiple titles" in addition to the already confirmed Dark Kingdom. Speaking with Next Generation, Xfire's Mike Cassidy calls their platform "complementary" to the PNP. PC Xfire users will be able to do things like chat with PS3 Xfire users ... and, uh, see what games they're playing. Seriously, it looks like that's it. Apparently, Sony is going it alone: "They have their own network platform that they will describe and roll out." We know ... but when?

The idea is that many gamers playing Sony Online Entertainment's Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom may also be PC gamers with active Xfire accounts, so you'll have two friends lists for those games: PNP and Xfire. While this seems like a horribly clunky proposition, consider it a value add. We imagine Xfire won't be a requirement, but an option for interested gamers. As long as Sony has a consistent, underlying online gaming solution we'll be happy. You do have one of those, right Sony?

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