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Apple brings (a little) web 2.0 to iPod nano RED site

David Chartier

I've been getting somewhat annoyed with Apple's aging website for a while now, as it still even contains the striped elements of Jaguar in its navigation at the top. Not that I have any problem with Jaguar, mind you (though I have a hard time with the possibility of giving up Tiger), but for a company who's so progressive, and even a CEO who says you should upgrade iPods at least once a year, I'm just surprised we haven't seen some sort of Tiger/Unified update to just the navigation, if anything (the rest of their site, admittedly, is designed darn well).

Setting aside my gripes for a moment, reader Mark Fleser noticed that the new page for the iPod nano (PRODUCT) RED which was just announced shows that all this fancy new web 2.0 stuff hasn't been lost on Apple. Granted, this new use of AJAXy goodness seems to be only present on the Technical Specifications button at the bottom of the page, but it's a pretty handy implementation and possibly a sign of good things to come.

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