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Leaked pics of the new B&O BV9 TV

Matt Burns

The gods of the Internet has shined on us yet again today with leaked photos of Bang & Olufsen's upcoming BV9 LCD TV. We don't have the exact specs nailed down just yet but we expect the LCD to be slightly upgraded from the current BV5. What we do know is that this set is going to have a media center built-in along B&O uber-pricey scaler but we don't think 1080p, HDMI, and maybe even more size options rather then just 42-inches are out of question ether. As for pricing, our tipster phrased it best, "Pricing is exactly in line with a Hyundai Santa Fe SUV." Click on for more leaked pics that should tide you over till the official release info is dropped.

[Thanks, JK]

UPDATE: Looks like the Internet gods weren't so nice after all. The BV9 is going to be a 50-inch plasma and not an LCD. An insider is telling us that it has four HDMI inputs along with a slew of component and composite connections. The BV9 can control multiple sound stages and along with the Peripheral Unit Database, control non-B&O equipment. We apologies for the confusion.

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