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Gamertag Radio (with Godfree and friends) is starting to piss us off. First they get to go to Digital Life in NYC. Then they have the nerve to post a bunch of videos the first day. Now they go and do it again! To top it all off, Godfree got the sweet RoboBlitz shirt pictured above. It's like they just love to make us feel unwanted. But, that's just the way it goes. After the break you can check out videos of RoboBlitz (listen to its hip-hop theme song here), Mutant Storm Empire, Heavy Weapon (!), Street Trace NYC (?), and a quick tour of Microsoft's parental education bus.

This one cuts off a little abruptly, but you have to admit the game looks amazing for an XBLA title.

Nothing but old school death and destruction here. If you haven't played heavy weapon for the PC, we'd suggest you give it a shot. Can't wait for some co-op action on Live.

Oh look another multi-directional shooter.

Weird game. As overheard by reader, Lunar Duality:

"Guy #1:'s a surfing game?...With Guns..."

Guy #2: Kinda reminds me of twisted metal...on surfboards?

Guy #1: This game sucks."

Reminds us of the Dreamcast game, TrickStyle.

The elephant is cute. Can you spot Major Nelson?

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