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A tale of two random MacBook shutdown cases

Scott McNulty

I bought myself a MacBook the week they came out, since a that point I didn't own an Intel Mac. I read about the Random Shutdown Syndrome (RSS) that some people were experiencing a little smugly. My MacBook didn't shutdown randomly! That is, until it started shutting down randomly. Dave Winer is also experiencing the same problem with his MacBook, but this is where our stories diverge.

My MacBook began exhibiting signs of RSS one Friday evening. After it shutdown 5 times in a row, at random, I was certain I had an ailing MacBook on my hands. I hastened to my iMac and signed up for the first available Genius Bar appointment for the next day at the Suburban Square store (10:30am). I sallied forth to Ardmore with my MacBook in tow and explained what was happening. The Genius nodded sagely, took some notes, and let me know that they had the parts in stock. I was very happy, and left my MacBook in capable hands. 2 hours later I got a call that my MacBook was all fixed. A couple of weeks later and not one non-scheduled shutdown since. Kudos to the Suburban Square store staff (that's tough to say out loud).

Sadly, Dave Winer is experiencing something slightly different than I am. He has been without the use of his MacBook for almost 2 months, 9 days of which Apple has had the MacBook in their possession, and still there has been no resolution.

So, dear TUAW'ers, I wonder which of us is having the more typical experience. If your MacBook suffered from RSS let us know how long it took Apple to repair it in the comments and we'll have a fun unscientific poll on our hands.

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