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A tale of two mods: different PSP joysticks

Kevin Kelly

Engadget's newest columnist, hardware hacker extraordinaire Ben Heckendorn (yes, we're jealous) has built a very nifty PSP joystick mod, and provided handy steps so that you can also void your warranty and save your thumb. However, taking BenHeck's mod and improving on it, Joe Stranger has posted his own "ghetto" joystick mod in the DCEmu Forums. Stranger cleans up the design from BenHeck's schematics (giving him the proper amount of props), and makes the mod detachable with a tight little enclosure that houses a USB adapter. Check out the drool-worthy ghetto thumbstick video after the break. We want to send our PSP direct to him for pimping out.

As far as mods go, this has to be one of the most useful we've ever seen. It makes us want to pick up Loco Roco again, since we won't have to wear off the skin on the pads of our thumbs to finish it.

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