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Gamestation becomes 360 mecca


Alex Donaldson (AKA APZonerunner), writer for RPGSite in the UK, sends us news that the GameStation in Birmingham (again, UK) has been completely remodeled ... by Microsoft. GameStation is a multiplatform gaming store akin to GameStop here in the US, and apparently the one in Birmingham is huge -- are there game stores in the US with more than one floor? Alex was walking in to purchase a DS game when he noticed that there was green everywhere. Downstairs, there were twelve 360 demo kiosks on the bottom floor. What's more, the demo kiosks were all networked, allowing customers to play matches of Perfect Dark: Zero. The kiosks are all hooked up to high definition televisions, and some of them have bean bags or green and white couches in from of them. In the future there are plans to hold tournaments at the store (don't forget to bring your Live account on a memory card). Truly a 360 gamers paradise. Of course, there was one PS2 demo kiosk, but it was broken.

Even though GameStation is a multiplatform store, it looks like Microsoft is hoping to make an impression on potential Wii buyers this holiday. Follow the read link for lots of pictures. Any of our UK readers been to this store yet? For that matter, can we get something like that in the US, please?

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