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iPod nano wants to be your friend


I'd heard that MySpace was the place to see and be seen for hipsters of all ages, but isn't the iPod nano a bit young to be on MySpace? Apparently not.

Tyler tipped us off that while he was innocently trawling MySpace last night he noticed that iPod Green Nano was the featured profile. Didn't take long to locate Green's closest friend, iPod Pink Nano and iPod Blue Nano. Each of them has more than 1500 friends already, by the way, and with the prevalence of Podophiles rumored to be on MySpace, I'm sure that number will only grow.

The iPod nano profile pages contain links to buy iPods, of course, along with a photo gallery, videos of the commercials, free iPod nano screensavers, desktop wallpapers and even MySpace profile skins. I'm not the MySpace type so I have no idea how effective this advertising model is, but I suppose it can't hurt.

In trying to locate other possible Apple-sponsored profiles I replaced /pinknano at the end of the URL with /rednano. In case you were curious, the rednano URL is already taken by a young red-headed girl in FL. I wonder if Apple has tried (or would try) to buy or rent her profile from her?

Thanks, Tyler!

UPDATE: As of 1pm ET, the nano profile pages are now MIA from MySpace but we're not sure why. Since we're the curious types we've dropped MySpace an email to find out.

UPDATE: As of 2pm ET the profile pages are back online. Go figure! Enjoy~

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