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LaCie offers free LightScribe Labeler for Mac


LaCie just announced that they are releasing the new version of LightScribe Labeler free for Mac users and also releasing the first-ever version for Linux users. LightScribe Labeler enables you to burn silk screen-quality labels on to LightScribe-enabled CDs or DVDs right in the drive with no additional printing supplies required. The new Mac version is Universal Binary and even supports simultaneous printing to multiple drives, whether internal or external. You can daisy chain hundreds of drives together and create your own in-house duplication dynasty! Sorry Windows users, you'll still need to pay out-of-pocket for the SureThing labeler.

You can download LightScribe Labeler now from LaCie's website. You'll need Mac OS X 10.3.9 or higher - and make sure to check first that your burner and media are LightScribe-enabled. If yours isn't, you might consider replacing your drive with one that is, or buying an extra drive to take advantage of this. It's a very cool technology and gives you a very sharp, professional looking result.

UPDATE: LaCie's link for the Mac version mistakenly goes to an RPM file. I've alerted them of this but it still hasn't been fixed. In the meantime, several commenters have traced the correct link for the Mac download. You can get it here [direct link to.dmg file].

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