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Osteoarthritis simulation suit demoed in Britain

Cyrus Farivar

While we've seen an assortment of suits, ranging from the HAL cyborg suit to the iPod suit, we haven't yet seen a set of threads that will simulate the effects of a disease for the wearer. In honor of World Arthritis Day (October 12), Loughborough University's Ergonomics and Safety Research Institute has just produced an osteoarthritis suit to give journos, doctors and others an insight into this debilitating disease. The suit, which costs £20,000 (over $37,000), is "designed to constrict movement and inflict topical pain with its 'ouch pouches' – sharp, nobbly, grating or hot packs which press into the wearer during a range of activities," according to the British organization Arthritis Care. Still, we're a bit curious as to whether wearing the Bionicare Hand Device under this suit cancels out the pain.

[Via MedGadget]

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