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5 reasons why games based on movies suck

Blake Snow

The November issue of EGM explores five reasons why games based on movies (or products in general) almost always suck. In summary:

  1. They're just products. Said games are merely marketing extensions, not end-products. Ergo, their quality is lacking.
  2. They have to ship by the premiere. By relying on a film's release buzz to increase game sales, developers must ship a title on time.
  3. They're someone else's IP. Developers are compelled to comply with executive wishes, even if the overall product is compromised.
  4. They suffer from copycat syndrome. Developers play it safe with games (see no. 2) leveraging proven mechanics even copying previous games in favor of pushing the creative envelop.
  5. They clone the flick. If you've seen the movie, you pretty much know the storyline.
All valid points. And while original game content is preferred, how about making better movies first?

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