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Dotel's Navi Box brings GPS to your in-car A / V system

Evan Blass

Although a lot of in-car entertainment systems come equipped with navigation these days, you were unlucky enough to have to pimped out your fleet of luxury vehicles before the bubble burst, and now that all your loot's all gone, you're one of the only people rolling around in a GPS-free Lambo. Well, friend, all is not lost, as we've just stumbled upon an external GPS receiver from Korean manufacturer Dotel that eschews the fancy Bluetooth radio for a good old-fashioned wired connection; this means that you can hook the Navi Box DOTN120 to any in-dash unit with a screen via RGB or composite A / V cables. On the specs tip, this device runs Windows CE.Net 4.2 powered by a 300MHz Samsung processor, sports 64MB of RAM / 32MB of ROM (expandable to 1GB), pumps out QVGA resolution, and features an IR receiver and GPS port for use with an optional remote control and external antenna, respectively. You also get an SD slot to store your maps and multimedia content, so you can load up some MP3s and videos to complement your collection of CDs and DVDs. Unfortunately there's no word on pricing or availability here, but we imagine that you won't have to pawn too many more possessions in order to get your hands on one.

[Via Navigadget]

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