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Sprint-Nextel to launch first hybrid on November 5?

Chris Ziegler

The concept of CDMA / iDEN hybrid phones has been kicking around pretty much since day one of the Sprint-Nextel merger, and we caught wind of a hybrid handset, the ic502, months ago; the only thing left to do, it seems, is actually launch the darned thing. The wait might be nearly over: a web page over yonder at makes mention of a November 5 hybrid launch in "select markets," though said page does not make mention of what those markets are or what phone(s) will be launched. As a refresher, the CDMA / iDEN dual-mode setup will make use of iDEN for PTT and CDMA for traditional calling (though we suspect there will be allowances for falling back from one to the other should only one service be available), taking some of the pressure off the overstressed iDEN network.

[Thanks, Seth Z.]

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