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The first combination HD DVD / Blu-ray media PC

Erik Hanson

So you've pondered the benefits of the two high-definition formats, HD DVD and Blu-ray, and you just can't make up your mind. AACS or AACS? 1080p or 1080p? Well forget building your own homebrew "combination" player or waiting for some manufacturer to build a combo laser or all-in-one disc, and head on over to your local specialty shop to pick up a VidaBox LUX or MAX, as the company has just announced a pair of upgraded combination HD DVD / Blu-ray systems with both formats inside! Having your cake and eating it too will cost you, though: $1629 over the regular $3499 price of the LUX and a grand total of $4399 for the MAX. Of course each version comes with the usual 1080p HDCP-capable outputs, dual analog and dual digital tuners, and up to 3TB of storage, but no word on whether they require two separate media player applications or not. So go hedge your bets, pick one of these bad boy media PCs up, and let us know how the two formats compare on the same hardware, will ya?

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