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MS policy change: No free shipping ever

Ken Weeks

Just when you're really feeling pity for Xbox 360 Customer Support due to the obnoxious prank calls they have to put up with, along comes reader David's aggravating tale of woe:

I just received my so called repair console back and it is broken as well. So I call Microsoft and come to find out just two days ago their policy changed and now no matter what we have to pay for the box and the shipping to mail our systems to the repair center. After grilling the call center I finally was told that after I get my system back, which can now take up to 2 weeks, I can call back in and speak with a supervisor and complain that the process took to long etc. and they will refund my shipping cost to mail it to them. Incidentally, their computers are also down and they can't submit repair orders right now. Also, in the many times I have called. once I was told the refunds for the 2005 units will be issued in a month or so after they have a press conference and last night I was just told they would repair all 2005 consoles for free. You still have to pay to ship it to them.

We all know this isn't the reps fault, but paying to ship a defective console twice could turn anybody into an amateur Jerky Boy.
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