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Walking Partner Robot will hold your hand


It seems that the crack team of scientists behind the Partner Ballroom Dance Robot have turned their attention to more practical and less creepy goals as of late, recently unveiling a walking-assistant robot that'll do good deeds so you don't have to. Descriptively dubbed the Walking Partner Robot, the brightly-colored bot is tricked out with sensors that can detect the presence of obstacles in its path while simultaneously keeping an eye on the behavior of the user, providing voice warnings when it senses danger and able to slam on the brakes if they go unheeded. One of the big areas the developers see the Walking Partner Robot being used is in medical rehabilitation applications, though they expect to make the bot commercially available "soon" with a price tag of ¥500,000 (about $4,200), so you'll presumably be able to get one of your own to recover from your next technology-related injury.

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