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Gordon Flash Decompiler

David Chartier

Whether you're a seasoned Flash dev or a merely getting your feet wet as a budding Flashlet, Gordon Flash Decompiler might be worth a demo download. As its title so cleverly connotes, Gordon can chew on just about any Flash SWF (and now with version 1.7, Shockwave files) you find around the internets and not only display the movie elements, but it can export both vector and raster images, as well as MP3 and AIFF sound files. Basically: this lets you steal peek inside those hot 'n spicy Flash/Shockwave movies you're procrastinating too much of your time on for the ultimate in 'how did they do that?' experiences.

Gordon doesn't come cheap, however, as it's $59 for a license. A demo is available, though exporting any resources and saving files is disabled until you pony up.

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