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Bungie optimistic about Halo movie's future


In response to news that Universal and Fox have pulled out of the Halo movie project, Bungie claims there's more to the story than has been reported. For now, Bungie is all "optimism, satisfaction and happiness for reasons [it] can't go into."

In its most recent weekly update, Bungie takes a stab at Universal and Fox, suggesting that the studios were too concerned with "the numbers" to be ideal partners. After all, Bungie reminds us that the Halo film is a delicate "creative process," implying that a reported $200 million budget, in the hands of a rookie director, is an investment worth making when Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh, WETA, and Microsoft are on-board -- and, Bungie confirms, they are all still on-board and continuing with pre-production. Sounds like a deal to lure a new partner is already in the works.

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