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Ricoh unveils First Anniversary GR Digital camera

Darren Murph

Following up on Canon's own celebratory diamond IXUS, Ricoh is tooting its own horn by releasing a vividly-colored GR Digital to commemorate 10 years of the GR series and the first anniversary of its digital flavor. Presumably sporting the same 8-megapixel sensor and peculiar fixed lens, this special edition boasts an unmistakable paint job featuring "a blue sky and clouds" with "angel figures on the front and top of the enclosure," care of renowned Japanese illustrator Katsuya Terada. In addition to the atypical artwork, the camera includes a wrist strap and angel-themed dust cloth, and unsurprisingly lacks an MSRP -- but considering these units are limited to 1,000 (and the ordinary version already demands $700), only the most serious Terada aficionados should probably apply.

[Via PhotographyBlog]

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