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The Game Gear could eat the Micro (or the evolution of handheld sizes)

Blake Snow

While obvious, handheld sizes sure have gotten a lot smaller over the years through better technology as seen above. Though the Game Boy Micro uses dated computing power circa early 1990s, even the PSP with its more current processing power is much thinner and lighter than Sega's hefty 1991 entrant to the portable industry (roughly half the latter's size). Funny how some home consoles just keep getting bigger. But alas, things get fatter the more you feed them (read: added multimedia).

Handhelds by the numbers:

  • Game Boy micro: 5.6 cubic inches
  • Game Boy Advance SP: 9.81 cubic inches
  • DS Lite: 12.96 cubic inches
  • Sony PSP: 17.52 cubic inches
  • Game Boy Advance: 17.64 cubic inches
  • DS Phat: 22.01 cubic inches
  • Game Gear: 50.86 cubic inches
  • Atari Lynx: 68.53 cubic inches
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