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PS3 ads still peddling potentials


A pair of new PlayStation 3 ads are telling the same old story, and telling it well. The uninitiated might believe that Blu-ray's 50 GB capacity is necessary for next-gen gaming and that the Cell chip is "the future" of processing power, but are you buying it yet?

How about this: let's match the Cell up against a triple core 3+ Ghz PowerPC. Are we really looking at "the future" then?

But let's forget about PCs for the moment; just focus on console gaming. So the PS3's packing a lot of potential, right? But who's exploiting it? Are you willing to believe -- as the "Smarter" ad implies -- that Incognito has assigned programmers to render unique air currents into Warhawk? Are you willing to believe that it's just space, 50 GB to be exact, that's needed to bring virtual worlds to life? Sure, that's unrivaled capacity, but how many tens of millions of dollars will need to be spent on art assets to fill it? It's not just "time" that's holding back the PS3, it's money.

[Thanks, Colin; via TechEBlog]

"Play B3yond - Capacity" (Blu-ray):

"Play B3yond - Smarter" (Cell processor):

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