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Sony's 18,000 lumen SRX-R220 projector on sale early 2007


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What's this, can it be, why yes... some good news from Sony! Seems their 18,000 lumen SXRD projector is outta prototyping and going manufacture gold sometime "in early 2007." The new SRX-R220 model uses the same lens with same 4096 x 2160 resolution as Sony's existing SRX-R110 and SRX-R105 projectors but manages 18 freakin' thousand lumens off a single 4KW lamp. Look for 'em to join Sony's 24p cams and XDCAM HD optical disc system under the CineAlta branding in the new year. Oh wait, there is a bit of bad news: these are destined for your neighborhood theater, not the home. Assuming of course, that someone (film distributors, you listening?) can convince theater owners to drop the couple hundie grand required to alta-their-cinema for digital, eh?

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