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Casio Exilim EX-S770 reviewed


If you like your cameras slim and small, you've no doubt given consideration to some of Casio's lightweight Exilim offerings, one of the latest being this here EX-S770, which the folks at Digital Camera Review recently took outside for its close up (and some testing). According to them, it looks to be a winner, with a stylish and sturdy design, good image quality, great battery life, and a bright, wide format LCD. About the only drawbacks they found were some slightly awkward zoom controls, and a lack of manual exposure modes or printed manual. (Huh? Printed manual? Two words we here at Engadget abhor.) At a $380 list price, it's also not the cheapest option for a compact 7 megapixel camera, though it looks like some retailers are happy to knock a few bills of that.

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