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O'Neill's multimedia-ready H3 Campack

Darren Murph

Forget purchasing an iPod-ready coat, Bluetooth-equipped helmet, and head-mountable webcam for your daredevil adventures on the slopes, as O'Neill has all three areas covered in one snazzy backpack. The H3 Campack sports all the weatherproof compartments and slick designs we expect to see on a rider's pack, but also rocks built-in sleeve controls for your DV cam, iPod, and Bluetooth phone. A proprietary module becomes a bantam liaison for your trio of gizmos, giving the integrated joystick full control over your camcorder's lens and / or playlist directions. The bag also touts the ability to keep your precious gadgetry safe and secure within the bag, while giving you full control over the functionality of each. If you're looking for an all-in-one method to record that Winter X-Games submission vid, and your control isn't hampered by juggling three gizmos while busting a backside tail grab, you can snag the H3 Campack now for £240 ($449).


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