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Coleco Sonic Handheld debuts: take home 20 Sega 8-bit games for $50

Cyrus Farivar

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Our good pals at Joystiq have just spotted the new Coleco Sonic Handheld, available now for pre-order at Target's website for the price of a single piece of paper with U.S. Grant's gorgeous bearded visage on it. It doesn't appear to be the retro-cool system that Coleco alluded to late last year, but rather an all-in-one device loaded with 20 orginal Sega 8-bit games that include Sonic Triple Trouble, Fantasy Zone, Super Columns, Alex Kidd in High Tech World, Ecco the Dolphin and a whole bunch of others that Joystiq has listed over on their site. So Coleco fanboys, slide on over there to get the full list.

[Via Joystiq]

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