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Wacom's Hello Kitty Favo graphics tablet

Evan Blass

There's nothing we hate more than a mismatched desktop set, so now that we've got a Hello Kitty keyboard, Hello Kitty mouse (with matching mousepad, naturally), and Hello Kitty mini-vacuum all hooked up to our Hello Kitty Epson Endeavor laptop, our dull grey graphics tablet stands out like a sore thumb. The nice thing about being a Hello Kitty fanatic, though, is that you never have to wait too long for your favorite peripherals to get Kitty-fied, and sure enough, Wacom has just made all our dreams come true with its new HK-adorned Favo tablet. Although the A6-size tab doesn't provide enough workspace for the serious graphic artist, those of us who use these input devices solely for drawing mustaches and devil's horns on our photos should find it more than adequate, and of course the pink pen and plastic, Kitty-shaped pen holder are just icing on the cake. Chances are good that you'll have to get your import on if you want to scribble all over Kitty's face each day, but if you're as obsessed with appreciative of finely-crafted Kitty swag as ourselves, nothing can stop you from adding this feline-friendly Favo to your collection.

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