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Streamlined Opera Mini browser headed to BlackBerry and Treo

Darren Murph

While Firefox is still basting in its 2.0 goodness, Opera is doing its own thang to amp up popularity. Besides being the browser-of-choice on Nintendo's forthcoming Wii, the tried and true Opera Mini browser is streamlining itself for use on BlackBerry and Treo handhelds. Unlike other browsers, this revamped version "downloads websites after they've been passed through Opera's servers, where they're compressed to download more quickly." Opera's technology -- while not substantially different in nature than renditions from Ascentive and Propel -- has been dubbed "Small Screen Rendering," and can even change the colors of backgrounds and text to improve visibility on mobile displays. The auto-compression features should trim download times and save on kilobyte usage (should you not already have an unlimited data plan), which can be particularly helpful for sites (unlike this one) that aren't tailored to fit your cellphone's display automatically. So, scurry on and hit the read link to give Opera's latest gig a try, cool?

[Via Yahoo]

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