Engadget done right for your cellphone!

You guys have voiced your concerns, and we heard ya: the new Engadget didn't play very well with some mobile browsers (Pocket IE, we're looking at you...), so we figured now's as good a time as any to get a proper mobile version of the site rolled out. We've been promising it since forever, but now you can just point your WAP compatible mobile browser at and let the magic happen -- no need to fuss with those annoying mobile subdomains, or worse, crappy .mobi TLDs. It works with most of phones and browsers we've tried it with around here at Engadget HQ, like:

  • Pocket IE (Smartphone and Pocket PC)

  • Blazer (Palm OS)

  • BlackBerry handsets

That should be about 85% of you right there (or so we hope). Thus far we've seen problems with the Sidekick3, PSP, Opera Mini (Java), and some Motorola handsets that weren't so happy with our WAP site; for almost everything else that's WAP enabled, however, it should serve up the new mobile version just fine. We're still working to roll out new portions of the site to our mobile users (including mobile Engadget Mobile -- aw yeah!), so stay tuned for future features. Please leave us your feedback in the comments, and let us know if your phone isn't working right with mobile Engadget (just don't be surprised if we email you for to help us troubleshoot). Enjoy!

P.S. -If you want comments and the rest of the stuff on Engadget, or are still having issues in the mean time, we recommend using IYHY (for now).

P.P.S. -As always, mad props to our tech team! Especially Gavin for working on his damn birthday!