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No Zune for you!


So we know Microsoft's Zune won't be Made for Mac out of the gate. Not surprising really. It honestly never occurred to me that most Mac users worth their salt would even be interested in using a Zune, but I suppose there are those who love the Mac but forsake the iPod and think Zune is a fine alternative. Zune is being released without support for mass storage mode, and with no Mac version of the Zune Marketplace software, so they claim a PC with Windows XP SP2 is a must.

Then again, just because Zune won't be Mac-friendly at launch doesn't mean a Mac-compatible version won't make its way to market eventually. The iPod was Mac-only when it first landed as well, if you can remember back that long. So don't fret, iPod-hating Mac lovers... there's still hope. Based on Microsoft's usual development cycles, there should be a Mac-compatible Zune out by around 2011, shortly after the UK and the rest of the world gets its hands on the little iPod-that-isn't.

[via Scripting News]

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