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Razer Tarantula Gaming Keyboard reviewed

Cyrus Farivar

We're still not sure exactly how popular these "gamer keyboards" really are, but nevertheless, it appears that Razer wants in on some of the action. This keyboard, which has been talked about for nearly a year, is due to finally hit the streets next month for somewhere in the neighborhood of $100, but those crafty folks at XYZ Computing managed to get their typing paws all over one. The Tarantula apparently claims be one of the world's first extremely-low-latency keyboards on the market, with a response time of less than eight milliseconds. You can also set up to five keyboard profiles, plug in to the USB 2.0 port, or the audio in / out jack. XYZ found that under normal use (word processing, surfing the internet, etc.) that it "works well enough, but is nothing special." But what about under Red Bull-fueled late-night gaming conditions? XYZ dinged the Tarantula for its large footprint, and the fact that you can't shut the LEDs off, but said that it could be "a power tool in the hands of a dedicated gamer." That's not exactly a stunning endorsement, but we'll take it. We'd still like to see how this keyboard handles days-upon-days of hardcore blogging -- that'd be the real test.

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