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Capital city confusion

David Nelson

I admit it, I am a moron when it comes to directions. I have been driving with my wife to her parents house for years now, and I still need an occasional hint as to which direction we need to go on I-275.

My sense of direction in WoW is no different, which is why I was drawn to this forum thread immediately. The thread simply asks...which capital city is the hardest to navigate? To be honest, I have had next to no issues getting around in the Alliance capitals, but all three Horde capitals gave me problems, whether I asked for directions or not. The Undercity was by far the hardest for me to get around in at the beginning. It is like a a tower, inside a donut, inside another donut. To make matters worse, the different wings are confusing to navigate individually. After numerous visits to the UC, I am now a bit of an expert. Due to my lack of visits to Thunder Bluff, that city is the one that still can give me fits. Not total frustration, but I occasionally end up on the opposite end of the map than I originally intended. Oops!

What about you guys? Which capital is the most confusing to get around in? Which one is the easiest? Could Stormwind be any easier to get around in?

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