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Disney's Mix Max Player reviewed


It's not every day that your friendly neighborhood CNET editor gets to review a pink device whose backside reads "Forever a Princess" -- well, at least as far as we know -- and James Kim seems to have made the most of this opportunity. Disney's first PVP, the Mix Max Player, is surprisingly well featured for a kiddie player, with a 2.2-inch 220 x 176 display, PlaysForSure support, mass storage mounting ability and even a special Windows Media Player plug-in to analyze tracks for the Mix Max's shuffle mode. There's 512MB of included storage, which can be bumped up to 2GB via SD card, though we're guessing much of the target audience is going to be snapping up those pricey, pre-loaded SD-card MixClips albums and MaxClips movies. The screen is passable, and the interface is decent enough, though apparently the buttons are a bit hard to push. The earbuds are of the standard variety, so they'll prove too big for some kids, and the lack of a volume limiter could prove a bit dangerous for your baby Einstein. For $100, the Mix Max goes quite a bit beyond your average toy music player, but for the same price you could nab yourself a 1GB Creative Zen V Plus. However, the Disney name continues to have quite a draw with the chilluns -- Disney's Mix Sticks audio players ranks among the top 10 flash MP3 players at retail -- and it doesn't seem like most kids will mind the quirks.

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