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I-O Data's Giga LANDISK: the eco-friendly 750GB gigabit NAS


If that 500GB LaCie gigabit NAS didn't do it for you then try on the new RoHS-compliant (read: environmentally friendly) Giga LANDISK from IO-Data now with up to 750GB of SATA disk. That's right, another network attached storage device with room to grow off additional 1x eSATA or 2x USB 2.0 disks. Lickity quick eSATA disks allow for mirroring your precious data while an additional USB port allows you to attach a remote printer or host USB devices like digital cameras for PC-less data transfer. They've also furthered that Toshiba alliance with the ability to record HD television when connected over gigabit Ethernet to Toshiba's REGZA Z2000 series of Televisions and yeah, it plays nice with DLNA streaming devices like IO-Data's own AVel LinkPlayer. Prices start at ¥33,285 (about $285) for 160GB of disk on up to ¥92,400 (about $790) for that biggie 750GB spinner when they ship in late November. With competition on the rise and prices in free-fall, isn't it about time to move your data to the LAN? Mama always said it was good to share.

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