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Perfectel's Hello Kitty Skype phone

Darren Murph

Hello Kitty is slowly, cutely, and cunningly infiltrating nearly every aspect of the technological realm, and yet we just keep succumbing to its overwhelming (albeit deceiving) innocent looks. While Hello Kitty phones certainly aren't new, the cuteness has seemingly made the jump to Skype, and while little is known aside from the manufacturer (Parfectel), hardcore Kitty fans probably won't care anyway. Sporting the token pink packaging and a typically untrustworthy "Plug and Play" label, the adorable handheld is accompanied a Skype software disc and feel good quotes. Curiously enough, the phone is slated to hit 7-Eleven stores throughout Hong Kong and Japan this week, and will run you just HK$128 ($17) -- if you outrun the fanboys (and girls), that is.

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