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Wii anticipation: preparing a room


We've talked a little about getting ready for the Wii invasion, but now that we're down to mere weeks from Wii Day, are you doing anything special to get a space ready? If so, we wanna know about it, from complicated voodoo rituals to wiping some dust off a shelf. Trying to recreate some of the spare, empty rooms from the Wii videos? Tell us! Check after the jump to see what the Wii Fanboy staff is cooking up at home to prepare for the Wii.


It was time to replace the coffee table anyway, because it is ginormous, and also glass, and we've had crazy breakage nightmares for over a year since there are people who may or may not be named Alisha who are quite clumsy. So we're replacing it with a smaller all-wood table that can easily be moved for raucous multiplayer fun.


The time has come for the GameCube to be moved to the "old system" gaming room along with the original PlayStation and Xbox. Often referred to as the gaming grave, the GameCube already has a nice, cozy space waiting for it.


The GC is fodder, of course, to be replaced by the new shiny. My apartment's dedicated gaming area was "expanded", i.e., the couch moved back toward the kitchen, to allow for more swingin' room should a four player game manifest itself in my home. A rather expensive lamp will have to be moved. ^^


For me, it's going to be tough. I confine my gaming to a single room (an office, if you will) so as not to clutter up the living room. Besides, most folk that visit the hole in the wall I call a home aren't all that interested in gaming (GASP!). So, you can see the area is already pretty cluttered:

So what does that leave? I dare not try to triple stack the consoles, meaning I'll have to stuff my controllers into a drawer and clear the top of the TV for the Wii:

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