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Kodak intros 200 page-per-minute i1860 commercial scanner

Darren Murph

With all these newfangled fingerprint / retina scanners in the news lately, it's easy to forget about the plain ole document-reading variety, but Kodak is bringing it all back into focus by unveiling its "fastest production scanner ever," the i1860. The mammoth-sized device captures images at up to 200 pages per minute, and sports a snazzy color touchscreen as well as "automatic height-adjustment" for those long, cold nights spent running year-end reports. Its SurePath technology, in conjunction with "three ultrasonic multi-feed detection sensors," will supposedly help you avoid an office worker's worst nightmare (paper jams during crunch time), and the five output formats should handle just about any obscure map or overcrowded spreadsheet you throw at it. The machine also touts a 300dpi optical resolution, 500 sheet feeder, JPEG / TIFF file export functionality, and FireWire connectivity. Should you work in a heavily overloaded archiving business, or just have ridiculous amounts of cash to burn, you can pick up have this 480-pound beast delivered in December for a whopping £55,000 ($104,605).

[Via BIOS]

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